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Buying? I work for free!


No joke. REALTORs work for free when you hire an agent to find you a home. My sales commission for buying your new home is paid by the seller. Not the buyer.


Expert Advice 24 / 7


You don’t have to sign up with my Keller Williams office to get answers to your Charlotte real estate questions. Email me or call me and I’ll get you answers… pronto!


Moving from Charlotte?


If you’re selling your Charlotte home and moving out of state — please call me. I’ll give you over 87,601 reasons to consider using a Keller Williams agent where you’re moving to.


I’m not the kind of guy who just walks you through a couple of houses. I make sure you find the perfect home for you and I’ll be there throughout the entire process.


I’m Eli Magids and I genuinely care about you.


Buying or selling a home isn’t something you do everyday so I want you to be able to make a smart, informed decision that you’re completely satisfied with.


And as a real estate nerd with a profound knowledge of all the details you don’t even want to deal with, I’ll make the process fun and enjoyable for you.


I truly understand the importance of your family’s home and I’ll help you find the perfect one for you, I’ll negotiate the contract and potential repairs, I’ll do all the paperwork for you (yes, really!) and since the seller pays the commission… it’s all entirely free for you!


I take care of everything you need and that’s also why I only work with a very limited number of clients at a time: I focus entirely on you so that you get to enjoy my full attention and dedication. I’ll be your advisor, confidant and friend throughout the entire process of finding your dream home.


As a professional, I take my role as a Charlotte real estate agent very seriously. Buying a Charlotte home, or selling one is a big decision and one that I never take lightly. While other real estate agents can be pushy sales people, I made the decision never to become one. When I sold my New York medical practice, I found that I really missed helping people. Good doctors, are a lot like good real estate agents. They are good at listening and they are compassionate. As a real estate professional, I’ve come to enjoy helping people sell or buy a Charlotte home as rewarding as my career as a doctor.


I love being a real estate agent in Charlotte. Because I live, breathe and eat real estate 8-days a week, I’m the real estate doctor that knows where homes in Charlotte are selling… and where they are not.


Which is good news for you, because my up-to-date Charlotte information means you won’t have to spend hours hunched over a keyboard pecking out tidbits of data from sources that always get it wrong, like Trulia or Zillow.


But really the most important thing to know about me? Is that I’ll make the process fun and enjoyable for you! (Yes, laughing is allowed!)


If you value trust, integrity and honesty along with a sense of humor… then I’m the Charlotte Real Estate Agent you’ve been looking for.



A Little About My Background


Want to know more about me? Born and raised in New York. I’m a doctor and I practiced podiatric medicine for 18 years of my life. You might think I’ve gone nuts leaving all of this behind, but today I’m so glad I did. I moved to Charlotte 5 years ago for a change of lifestyle and absolutely fell in love with this beautiful area.


I’m an honest, caring and compassionate kind of guy. Animal lover, World traveler, Chocoholic. Honestly? I believe my child is the best thing I’ve ever done. And I might be a bit goofy and sarcastic at times. (But don’t worry — the joke’s always on me!)


I truly love what I do and take my business very seriously. I’m absolutely committed to my clients and I can guarantee that Charlotte is an amazingly beautiful place to live in.


After all? I chose to live here myself.


— Eli Magids